Staff - Queens' Old Library

Queens' Library staff

Tim Eggington, Fellow Librarian

Lucille Munoz, Rare Books Curator

Lucy Woolhouse, Reader Services Librarian

Lise Field, Library Assistant

Isobel Goodman, Graduate Trainee

Hannah Smith, Graduate Trainee (2016-2018)

David Radcliffe, Library Assistant (2016-2017)

Hayley McLellan, Graduate Trainee (2016-2017)

Miriam Leonard, Reader Services Librarian (-2016)

Lindsey Askin, volunteer and Graduate Trainee (2012-16) 

Many wonderful volunteers have dedicated their valuable time and energy to the HLF project and continue, every week, to support the Old Library. These include: Alice, Antony, Catherine, Charlie, David, Denise, Eleonora, Jack, Jess, Leslie, Lindsey, Penny, Simon, Susie, Therese, Tom and members of the Arts Society, Fiona, Maureen, Rosie, Jenni and Wendy. We are incredibly grateful to all of you!

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