Queens' Library staff

Tim Eggington, Fellow Librarian

Lucille Munoz, Rare Books Curator

Lucy Woolhouse, Reader Services Librarian

Lise Field, Library Assistant

Isobel Goodman, Graduate Trainee

Hannah Smith, Graduate Trainee (2016-2018)

David Radcliffe, Library Assistant (2016-2017)

Hayley McLellan, Graduate Trainee (2016-2017)

Miriam Leonard, Reader Services Librarian (-2016)

Lindsey Askin, volunteer and Graduate Trainee (2012-16) 

Many wonderful volunteers have dedicated their valuable time and energy to the HLF project and continue, every week, to support the Old Library. These include: Alice, Antony, Catherine, Charlie, David, Denise, Eleonora, Jack, Jess, Leslie, Lindsey, Penny, Simon, Susie, Therese, Tom and members of the Arts Society, Fiona, Maureen, Rosie, Jenni and Wendy. We are incredibly grateful to all of you!

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