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17th century annotations

17th century annotations

With thirty-three long lines in a 17th century hand, and a further five shorter lines in a different 17th century hand. Two of the long lines read 'Pastor, arator, eques, pavi, colui, superavi / capras, rus, hostes, fronde, ligone, manu'. These lines are from 'In Virgilium Pentadii', a poem by the English metaphysical poet Richard Lovelace (1618-1657). The following two lines contain the text: 'Terram terra tegat, Demon peccata resumat, Mundus res habeat, Spiritus alta petat', these are from a 15th century mnemonic lyric poem which often goes under the title: 'Testament of a Christian'.

Author: Euclid
Title: Eukleidou Stoicheiōn bibl. ie ek tōn Theōnos synousiōn [Elements] (Basel: Johann Herwagen, 1533)
Shelfmark: D.1.12 (catalogue record)

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