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Ownership inscriptions, 16th century

Ownership inscriptions, 16th century

Inscriptions: of John Dowe of Suffolk: 'Perme Johannen Dowe Suffolciensem pretium vii', of John Reeve: 'John Reve', possibly a Benedictine monk educated at Cambridge, Abbot of Bury from 1514-1539 (another signature on a2r), and of William Moore: 'Gulielmus Moore'.
15th century manuscript waste from Joannes de Friburgo's Summa Confessorum used as spine guard and pastedown.

Author: Desiderius Erasmus
Title: Precatio dominica in septem portiones [The Lord's Prayer in Seven Parts] (Basel: Johann Froben, 1523)
Shelfmark: E.16.10

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