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Title page of De dialectica libri III

Title page of De dialectica libri III

The early Italian humanist Lorenzo Valla was a huge influence on Erasmus. He had preceded Erasmus in arguing for the need to return to Greek sources in order to establish an accurate text of the Bible. The presence of this and many similar works in Queens’ Library would appear to testify to the Erasmian programme of humanist study that predominated at the college in the sixteenth century.

This Queens' copy is bound in a 16th century volume with De inventione dialectica libri tres by Rodolphus Agricola, another writer central to the advancement of Renaissance humanism.

Author: Lorenzo Valla
Title: De dialectica libri III [On dialectic] (Paris: Simon de Colines, 1530)
Shelfmark: C.20.2(2) (catalogue record)

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