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Provenance & Bindings

A non-exhaustive digital gallery of provenance and binding images from Queens' early printed books collection.

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Manuscript waste

Printed waste

Some inscriptions and annotations are difficult to decipher.
If you have great skills in paleography, don't hesitate to leave a comment on the picture and help us reveal the history of our copies.

12th century 13th century 14th century 15th century 15th century. 16th century 1617th century 16th century 16th17th century 17th century 18th century 19th century 20th century annotations annotations. 17th century b.2.18 2 b.4.33 b.4.34a b.8.33 b.8.35 b.8.37 binding bindings blind panelled blind stamped blindstamped bookplates c.1.29 c.1.8 c.10.24 c.13.24 c.14.22 c.14.33 c.15.45 c.2.16 c.20.2 c.20.3 c.20.32 c.20.4 c.4.17 c.4.29 c.4.5 c.5.21 c.5.4 calculations calf centrepieces coat of arms d.1.10 d.1.12 d.1.13 d.1.19 d.1.20 d.1.24 d.1.241 d.1.26 d.10.27 d.11.1 d.11.2 d.11.3 d.15.3 d.15.54 d.18.17 d.19.2 d.20.24 d.20.27 d.20.33 d.4.1 d.4.2 d.9.1516 diagrams donor inscription doodles drawings drawnings e.1.34 e.1.4.1 e.16.10 e.16.20 e.16.9 e.17.28 e.18.17 e.19.11 e.19.7 e.20.4 e.9.26 e.9.9 edward martin english engravings erasmus expurgation f.1.16 f.1.25 f.1.4 f.1.7 f.10.12 f.12.15 f.14.22 f.14.30 f.18.18 f.18.20 f.19.19 f.4.19 f.9.28 flyleaves french g.11.5 g.11.6 g.15.14 g.16.10 g.16.16 g.16.2 g.16.34 g.16.37 g.16.4 g.16.7 g.18.12 g.18.2 g.19.2 g.19.25 g.19.27 g.19.29 g.19.3 g.2.1 g.2.3 g.2.5 g.2.7 g.20.1 g.3.19 g.3.3 g.4.10 g.6.18.1 g.6.2 g.6.23 g.7.8 1 g.8.1 g.8.11 g.8.18 g.8.23 g.8.27 g.8.27a g.8.46 g.8.50 garrett godfrey genealogical tables gilt tooled giltstamped greek h.1.16 h.1.19 h.17.33 h.18.48 h.19.17 h.19.25 h.19.5 h.19.9 h.2.14 h.2.18 h.20.30 h.4.1 h.4.5 h.4.53 h.5.12 h.5.13 h.6.24 h.6.29 h.7.8 h.7.9 hebrew henry james hubertus hacon i.11.17 i.11.20 i.11.22 i.11.5 i.13.22 i.14.29 i.15.29 i.15.50 i.18.11 i.18.22 i.5.21 i.6.29 i.6.8 i.8.26 i.8.29 illustrations initials inscriptions inscriptions. 16th century johann froben johannes martelo john brooke john halywell john morris john reynes john st george k.10.20 k.11.31 k.11.4 k.11.40 k.11.5 k.11.7 k.14.20 k.15.11 k.15.20 k.16.30 k.17.29 k.17.39 k.19.24 k.8.18 k.8.41 k.9.5 l.10.4 l.8.10 latin m.10.7 m.16.45 m.18.13 m.18.54 m.2.11 m.2.14 m.2.15 m.20.23 1 m.3.18 m.4.6 m.7.2 manicules manuscript waste manuscripts music n.1.11 n.1.28 n.2.30 notes ownership inscriptions panel stamped pastedown pastedowns pen trials printed waste printer's devices provenance r.16.21 richard bryan s.2.24 s.3.27 scribbles stamps thomas bedall thomas lovering thomas smith title pages woodcuts x.17.1
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