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List of books on display

Bellengard, Etienne, Sententiarum volumen absolutissimum [Complete volume of opinions] (Geneva, 1587) [I.5.21]
Biblia Latina [Latin Bible] (Naples, 1476) [C.4.11]
The book of the New Testament of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ, according to the art of short writing invented by Jeremiah Rich (London, 1659) [H.17.58]
Braun, Georg, Civitates orbis terrarum [Cities of the world] (Antwerp, 1575) [D.4.1(1)]
The Byble in Englyshe (London, 1540) [B.218(1)] bound with The Bible in Englishe (London, 1562) [B.2.18(2)]
Cardano, Girolamo, De subtilitate libri XXI [On subtlety] (Basel, 1582) [H.18.14]
Catholic Church, Missale ad usum ecclesie Sarisburiensis [Salisbury missal] (Paris, 1529) [H.6.24]
Catholic Church, Missale secundum ordinem Carthusiensium [Missal of the Carthusian Order] (Lyon, 1517) [G.2.1]
Chaucer, Geoffrey, The workes of Geffray Chaucer newly printed (London, 1550?) [E.2.10] Church of England, The booke of common prayer, and administration of the sacraments (London, 1634) [N.1.31]
Church of England, Portiforium secundum usum Sarum [Portable breviary according to the Sarum rite] (London, 1541) [K.17.28]
Commynes, Philippe de, The historie of Philip de Commines Knight, Lord of Argenton (London, 1596) [B.4.6]
Cyprian, Saint, Opera sanctissimi martyris Caecilii Cypriani episcopi Cathaginensis [The works of the holy martyr Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage] (Basel, 1525) [M.9.19]
Dasypodius, Peter, Dictionarium Latinogermanicum et vice versa Germanicolatinum [Dictionary Latin-German and vice versa German-Latin] (Strasbourg, 1541) [G.7.29]
Franchières, Jean de, La fauconnerie de F. Jan des Franchieres, grand prieur d'Aquitaine [The falconry of F. Jan des Franchières, grand prior of Aquitaine] (Poitiers, 1567) [K.9.2]
Fuchs, Leonhart, De historia stirpium commentarii insignes [Notable commentaries on the history of plants] (Lyon, 1549) [H.19.5]
The Gospels of the fower Evangelistes translated in the olde Saxons tyme out of Latin into the vulgare toung of the Saxons (London, 1571) [D.19.2]
Horace, Horatius M. Antonii Mureti in eundem annotationes [Horace with the annotations of M. Antoine Muret] (Lyon, 1573) [I.8.26]
Horace, Odae [Odes] (Paris, 1503) [I.6.29]
John Chrysostom, Saint, In totum Geneseos librum homiliae sexagintasex [Sixty-six homilies on Genesis] (Basel, 1523) [F.3.21(1)] bound with Catholic Church, Canones Concilii Provincialis Coloniensis [Synod of the Archbishopric of Cologne] (Cologne, 1538) [F.3.21(2)]
Michelet, Jacques, Discourse de geographie contenant les principales pratiques pour les descriptions de la Terre, et de la mer [A geographical discourse, containing practical principles for describing the Earth and sea] (Paris, 1615) [D.20.21]
Mynsinger von Frundeck, Joachim, Apotelesma, sive Corpus perfectum scholiorum ad quatuor libros institutionum juris civilis [Exposition, or The complete corpus for scholars on the four books of the institutions of civil law] (Basel, 1563) [C.5.4]
Nowell, Alexander, Catechismus [Catechisms] (London, 1572) [D.15.3]
Paracelsus, De restituta utriusque medicinae vera praxi [On the restoration of true medical practice] (Lyon, 1578) [H.19.17]
Peter Lombard, Textus magistri sententiarum in quatuor sectus libros partiales [The four books of sentences] (Lyon, 1527) [K.19.15]
Pontificale Romanum [Roman Pontifical] (Rome, 1485) [U.1.4]
Porta, Giambattista della, De occultis literarum notis [On the concealment of letters] (Montbéliard, 1593) [S.3.26]
Ptolemy, Geographia Cl. Ptolemaei Alexandrini [The geography of Ptolemy] (Venice, 1562) [F.20.1]
Terence, Comediae [Comedies] (Lyon, 1520) [H.5.12]

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