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Exhibition Music

Three excerpts below are performed by members of Queens’ College Chapel Choir from music in the exhibition (recording and editing by Tom Unwin). We are hugely grateful to all the musicians and scholars who have assisted us in the preparation of this exhibition.

Gradual for the Use of Sarum (15th century) [Queens’ College MS 28]

- Alleluya. Laudate dominum omnes gentes (Saturday after Pentecost) sung by Carlos Rodriguez and Robin Pillinger, edition by Professor John Harper

- Non vos relinquam orphanos (Communion antiphon, Saturday after Pentecost) sung by Sophie Ellis, edition by Professor John Harper

Manuscript music inserted in The booke of common prayer, and administration of the sacraments (London, 1636) [G.4.17] 

Magnificat (Short Service) by Orlando Gibbons sung by Sophie Ellis, Meg Webb, Carlos Rodriguez and Robin Pillinger

Johannes Kepler, Harmonices mundi [The harmony of the world] (Linz, 1619) [D.1.35] 

Arcangelo Di Donato's realisation of Kepler’s harmony of the spheres

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