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Catalogue of Books

Adee, Swithin, The craftsman's apology (London, 1732) [P.67(3)]

Bernard, Jean Frederic, The ceremonies and religious customs of the various nations of the known world, Vol, VI, engraved by Bernard Picart (London, 1737) [O.4.17]

Birch, Thomas, The heads of illustrious persons of Great Britain, engraven by Mr. Houbraken, with their lives and characters, Vol. II (London, 1752) [R.1.6(1)]

Boileau Despréaux, Nicolas, The lutrin (London, 1714) [F.26.10(6)]

The book of common prayer, and administration of the sacraments (Cambridge, 1745) [F.26.2]

The booke of common prayer, and administration of the sacraments (London, 1631) [R.3.30]

Budgen, Richard, The passage of the hurricane, from the sea-side at Bexhill in Sussex, to Newingden-Level, the twentieth day of May 1729, between nine and ten in the evening (London, 1730) [P.193(8)]

Burnet, Thomas, The theory of the earth (London, 1697) [N.1.23]

Catalogues of pamphlets bequeathed by David Hughes (1742) [Queens’ College MS 63]

Clayton, Robert, A vindication of the histories of the old and new testament. Part II (London, 1754) [P.199(2)]

Gay, John, The Beggar’s opera. As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Lincolns-Inn-Fields (London, 1728) [R.19.33(3)]

Gay, John, Fables by the late Mr Gay (London, 1733) [A.18.69]

Hoadly, Benjamin, The nature of the Kingdom of Church, of Christ (London, 1717) [P.105(2)]

Keill, John, Introductio ad veram physicam, seu Lectiones physicae [Introduction to true physics, or Lectures in physics] (London, 1719) [R.9.50]

Kennicott, Benjamin, The state of the collation of the Hebrew manuscripts of the Old Testament; at the end of the present year, 1761 (Oxford, 1761) [P.241(7)]

Knight, James, The scripture doctrine of the most holy and undivided trinity, vindicated from the misinterpretations of Dr. Clarke (London, 1714) [R.11.66(1)]

A layman of conscience and common sense, A letter to Dr. Snape, occasion'd by his letter to the Bishop of Bangor (London, 1717) [P.105(8)]

List of books and pamphlets bought by David Hughes (1758—1772) [Queens’ College MS 64]

The literary magazine, or Universal review: from January to August, MDCCLVIII. Vol III. (London, 1758) [P.241(1)]

Newton, Isaac, Sir Isaac Newton's corollaries from his philosophy and chronology, edited by William Whiston (London?, 1728?) [N.1.32(2)]

Newton, Isaac, [Note concerning light levels in Queens’ College chapel, 1677] [QC 16.1]

Newton, Isaac, Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica [Mathematical principles of natural philosophy] (London, 1726) [R.2.38]

Pemberton, Henry, A view of Sir Isaac Newton’s philosophy (London, 1728) [N.1.32(1)]

Pope, Alexander, The Dunciad (London, 1729) [P.167(1)]

Pope, Alexander, A miscellany on taste (London, 1732) [P.67(8)]

Rohault, Jacques, Physica [Physics], translated and edited by Samuel Clarke (London, 1710) [H.7.47]

Smith, Robert, A compleat system of opticks in four books (Cambridge, 1738) [H.5.39]

Sterne, Laurence, [Autograph letter sent to one of his parishioners in Sutton (near York), 14 March 1758] [Queens’ College MS 506]

Stukeley, William, Palaeographia sacra: or, Discourses on monuments of antiquity that relate to sacred history (London, 1736) [P.10(13)]

Swift, Jonathan, The benefit of farting explaind (London, 1722) [P.16(17)]

Whiston, William, Athanasius convicted of forgery (London, 1712) [R.8.62(4)]

Whiston, William, Memoirs of the life and writings of Mr. William Whiston (London, 1749) [F.24.22]

Whiston, William, A new theory of the earth (London, 1737) [R.12.22]

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