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Desiderius Erasmus, Novum Testamentum omne [C.2.9]

Third edition of Erasmus’ ground-breaking New Testament (1522), first published under the title Novum Instrumentum by Johann Froben in 1516.

This copy is of particular interest due to its former ownership by the Polish humanist and Erasmus associate Jan Łaski (also known as Johannes a Lasco) whose coat of arms has been on stamped on the remarkable decorated Polish binding.

Desiderius Erasmus, Novum Testamentum omne (Basel, 1522) [C.2.9]

Desiderius Erasmus, Scriptores Historiae Augustae [F.2.15]

Collection of biographies by classical authors on the emperors of Rome was edited by Erasmus with examples of Sir Thomas Smith's 'active reading' i.e. marginal notes, underlinings and fascinating drawings.

This is particular volume is bound by the famous Cambridge binder and associate of Erasmus Garrett Godfrey (d. 1539) in a distinctive Cambridge style.

Desiderius Erasmus, Scriptores Historiae Augustae (Cologne, 1527) [F.2.15]

Paolo Emili, De rebus gestis Francorum [G.3.19]

Emili's accounts on the Kings of France annotated by Queens' fellow and secretary of state to Edward VI and Elizabeth I, Sir Thomas Smith, bound with additions by Le Ferron.

Amongst many fine examples in the final section by Arnoul Le Ferron can be included the elaborate marginalia and portraits on f. 130r, depicting key protagonists involved in the signing of the Treaty of Cambrai in 1529 (Louise of Savoy, mother of Francis I of France, and Margaret of Austria). Also depicted is the meeting of Pope Clemens VIII and Francis I of France in Marseille in 1534 for the marriage of Francis’ son, Henry, Duke of Orleans (future Henry II of France) to the Pope’s niece, Catherine de’ Medici.

Volume includes: Paolo Emili, De rebus gestis Francorum (Paris, 1550) [G.3.19(1)] & Arnoul Le Ferron, De rebus gestis Gallorum libri IX (Paris 1554) [G.3.19(2)]

The Booke of Common Prayer [G.4.17]

The Booke of Common Prayer (1636) bound with MS tenor part book of 16th and 17th century English sacred music.

Comprises a 1636 edition of the Book of Common Prayer in addition to a seventeenth-century printed programme of the Queens’ College benefactors service, and nearly 50 leaves of hand-written tenor parts from a large selection of English church music. For more information see Queens' Old Library Blog post.

Listing of the musical contents of the part book
Images of the manuscript music (without blank pages and the prayer book) or the part book digitised by DIAMM (free registration required)

We are grateful to DIAMM for the digitalisation of this document and to EECM for providing the funding.

The booke of common prayer, and administration of the sacraments (London, 1636) [G.4.17]

Queens' College Library Donors' Book [Queens' College MS 47]

Gifts to the college library between 1562 and 1820.

The Queens’ College Donors' Book was first created in 1631. Although primarily a record of 17th century gifts, the volume provides a retrospective of gifts dating back to 1562. The final entry was made in 1820. Alongside the need to acknowledge the generosity of donors, this volume also reveals the College’s aspiration to record and map the on-going history and development of its prestigious library. Similar donors’ books were first drawn up by several other Oxbridge colleges in the 17th century

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