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English blind-stamped binding, 16th century

English blind-stamped binding, 16th century

Calf over wooden boards; rectangular frame made of roll composed of a Tudor rose between a scaly dragon and a stag, a crowned portcullis and a fleur-de-lys (Oldham HE.g(4)) and blind-stamped symmetrical fleuron-type centrepieces on covers.

Author: Saint Justin, Martyr
Title: Divi Iustini, philosophi et martyris Christi, Operum, quae extant, omnium per Joannem Langum Silesium, è Graeco in Latinum sermonem versorum, & sententiis priscorum sanctorum Patrum illustratorum, tomi III (Basel, 1565)
Shelfmark: I.11.22 (catalogue record)

16th centuryI.11.22bindingblindstampedcalfprovenance