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English (possibly Cambridge) binding, 16th century

English (possibly Cambridge) binding, 16th century

Blind-stamped calf over wooden boards; lozenge pattern at centre made of roll of German influence composed of Renaissance figures representing 'Prudentia', 'Suavitas', and 'Lucretia' (Oldham GE.(2)) within rectangular frame made of three rolls, outer rolls composed of same roll as lozenge, inner roll composed of capstan and lyre (Oldham RP.a(2)).

Author: Saint Bede, the Venerable
Title: Opera Bedae Venerabilis Presbyteri, Anglosaxonis (Basel, 1563)
Shelfmark: I.11.17 (catalogue record)

16th centuryI.11.17bindingblindstampedcalfprovenance