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Donor inscription of Thomas Yale

Donor inscription of Thomas Yale

'Thomas Yale Brita[n]nus Legum Dot for Cancellarius Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis quendam Sotius: huius Collegij hunc libru[m] dedit hiuc Bibliothecae. A[nn]o 1562 Januarij 6⁰'.
Manuscript waste dated from January 1563 relating to the archbishop of Canterbury and John Gibbon who is described as a doctor of law; "Johannes" is written in capital letters at the top of the document, although the archbishop of Canterbury at this time was Matthew Parker (Parker's chancellor and vicar general in 1563 was Thomas Yale who was also the former owner of the present book).

Author: Origen.
Title: Operum tomi duo priores (Paris, 1522)
Shelfmark: M.12.7-8 (catalogue record)

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